Saturas is an Israeli Ag-tech company.
Our breakthrough technology of precise irrigation was developed in the north of Israel by Dr. Moshe Meron, a senior researcher at MIGAL research institute. With a Deep understanding of the farmer’s real needs, Dr. Meron developed a sensor which allows direct access to the plant’s water tissue, measuring Stem water potential (SWP) daily.
Since established in 2013, Saturas’ technology has proven itself as an accurate and reliable irrigation Decision Support System in apple, peach, citrus, avocado, wine grapes, cherries, nut trees, and more to come. We collaborate with Israel’s leading farmers & irrigation researchers

To date, Saturas’ devoted team is busy expanding into new markets in Europe, China, Asia Pacific and North America with our local subsidiary based in California.

Our team consists of talented individuals from diverse backgrounds: Agriculture to engineering, technical management, Agri-business, Data analysis, and Executive experience. We collaborate to give our clients the best customer experience while maximizing their irrigation management.

About Saturas


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Migdal HaEmek, Israel