Saturas is honored to receive a grant of € 1.5 million from the European Commission under the Horizon 2020, SME Instrument Phase 2 Program under Agreement GA 848361. In the two-year "StemSense" project, Saturas will optimize its unique sensor for better performance and further miniaturization to fit a larger variety of crops, opening up new markets for the company. Saturas will also scale up its manufacturing and QA processes, in preparation for commercialization. Additionally, Saturas will make use of the SME Network and coaching services to develop its distribution network in the European market.

About the Project

By automatically measuring Stem Water Potential (SWP), StemSense is a first and one-of-a-kind sensor. Stem Water Potential is scientifically recognized as the most reliable measurement of water stress and an important practical tool for irrigation management. Our unique plant-based sensor, placed in direct contact with the vascular tissue of the plant, has been proven to be a superior indicator for irrigation scheduling, compared to soil moisture variables or other environmental measurements.

Results were published in October 2021 in the following article:


About Saturas
Management team at the SME-2 kickoff meeting
Saturas CEO and Co-Founder Anat Halgoa Solomon at the SME-2 winners convention in Brussels


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