AgTech Innovation Showcase Delegation

MARCH 2017

Saturas participated in the Israeli AgTech Innovation Showcase Delegation in California & St. Louis. The journey provided a glance into several regional US-based AgTech innovation hubs. The delegation kicked off in St Louis, Missouri. Visiting Monsanto, Climate Corporation and KWS gave an opportunity to explore how large corporations inspire the creation of a rich ecosystem. In San Francisco, the AgTech delegation was hosted by the Google Developers Launchpad. The event provided the opportunity to meet and learn from different investors, such as Fall Line Capital, Dow Ventures and Obvious Ventures. The delegation also visited the Salinas Valley, Located just 60 miles from the Silicon Valley, Salinas is positioning itself to become a global AgTech hub. The region is home to a more than $8 billion in annual agriculture income. At the Western Growers’ Center for Innovation & Technology, the Israelis companies had the opportunity to explore how the center identifies industry priorities and discovers technologies for the benefits of their farmers’ members.


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