Michael Davidson

Michael Davidson, PhD

CEO, Saturas USA

Michael has extensive global and national experience in the field of climate-smart agriculture and developed the companion climate-smart irrigation model. He was the “expert speaker” on climate change and agriculture for the United States Department of State and has a multi-disciplinary background in agriculture as a farmer, scholar, consultant and business owner.  Michael holds a PhD in Public Policy.

Nick Matsumoto

Nick Matsumoto

Chief Technical Officer

Nick has been with Saturas since the first California pilot projects in 2018. He brings knowledge of tree physiology, technical experience and quality support to customers.

Nick holds an M.S. in Horticulture and Agronomy from UC Davis and also holds a B.S. from UC Davis in Plant Science. His M.S. research focused on responses to water stress in walnut.

Elske van Buuren

Elske van Buuren

Chief Administrative Officer

Elske is in charge of the daily operation for Saturas USA’ office. With 6 years of international experience, she is now responsible for the customer, logistics and administrative operations of the company.


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