Saturas Webinar: Making Stem Water Potential Work for You; Vines

Thursday, July 22 2021, 9:30 AM
Danielle Mintz
Saturas expert in enology and viticulture

Conference Session Outline

General Background

Stem Water Potential has long been considered the "Gold Standard" for monitoring and analyzing the irrigation water requirements of trees and vines. Pressure Bombs have typically been used to derive reliable and valid data about SWP. Saturas has taken a giant leap forward in technology that automates SWP readings; is pre-calibrated for all tree and vine crops; and is available with the industry’s highest level of customer support. Our sensors reside inside the vascular tissue of your crop and provide complete information to you for optimal decision making in irrigation scheduling.

Topics Discussed

The main topic of today’s webinar will be to understand the importance of monitoring and analyzing Stem Water Potential for vineyard management. We will cover all the important decisions that go into growing and irrigating wine grapes, in particular. The Saturas system is uniquely positioned to improve not only the yields of wine grape ranches but also the quality of the grape and, eventually, wine. Danielle Mintz, who is the Saturas expert in enology and viticulture, will co-present this webinar.

Please join us for an interactive webinar, we look forward to your participation!

Webinar Length

1 hour

Presenter Bio

Danielle has been with Saturas since 2018 as part of the R&D team and in charge of the grapevine department. She has working experience in wineries and vineyards worldwide and brings knowledge in vine physiology, anatomy, and precise vineyard irrigation. Danielle holds an M.S. in Horticulture from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and also has a B.S. in Viticulture and Enology from Florence University. Her M.S focused on RDI/SDI irrigation of Sauvignon Blanc in Arid Climate.


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