Understanding Stem Water Potential and the Saturas Solution - Citrus

Thursday, May 13 2021, 9:00 AM
Nick Matsumoto
Chief Technical Officer of Saturas

Conference Session Outline

General Background

Stem Water Potential has long been considered the "Gold Standard" for monitoring and analyzing the irrigation water requirements of trees and vines. Pressure Bombs have typically been used to derive reliable and valid data about SWP. Saturas has taken a giant leap forward in technology that automates SWP readings; is pre-calibrated for all tree and vine crops; and is available with the industry’s highest level of customer support. Our sensors reside inside the vascular tissue of your crop and provide complete information to you for optimal decision making in irrigation scheduling.

Topics Discussed

The main topics of today’s webinar will be to understand how to interpret Bars of Pressure and use those data points for all stages of your crop’s physiological growth, and to understand the steps of installing the Saturas system and the support, which Saturas USA provides. This webinar will focus on case studies in fruit trees.

Webinar Length

1 hour

Presenter Bio

Nick has been with Saturas since the first California pilot projects in 2018. He brings knowledge of tree physiology, technical experience and quality support to customers. Nick holds an M.S. in Horticulture and Agronomy from UC Davis and also holds a B.S. from UC Davis in Plant Science. His M.S. research focused on responses to water stress in walnut.


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